Electric Mast Climbers Make a Difference in Cambridge

| Katherine Marr

The Manning Apartments

Shawmut Design & Construction

Mast Climbers, Construction Elevator at Work 

At the Frank J. Manning Apartments, a public housing development for the elderly and disabled in Cambridge, MA, Marr Crane & Rigging and Marr Scaffolding’s Mast Climber Division are working for Shawmut Design and Construction on a complete interior and exterior rehabilitation of the units.

Marr Crane & Rigging has supplied a single 6,000 lb construction elevator that will be on site for 30 months. The hoist will be used to remove demolition debris and transfer new items into the units, such as stoves, cabinets, drywall and painting supplies. 

Marr Scaffolding’s Mast Climber Division has supplied three electric F-200 mast climbers that will be on site for an estimated 12 months. These units will be moved around the exterior for the installation of new windows and insulated panels.

Electric Mast Climbers Add Increased Capacity to Marr Fleet

The F-200 electric mast climbers are a new addition to Marr’s fleet of Hydro Mobile units and round out the company’s line of F-200 and F-300 units. 

Because they are electric these units not only operate at a reduced noise level, benefiting tenants and neighbors alike, they provide separate power outlets allowing workers to utilize power tools from the work platform without running extension cables.  

Marr’s complete fleet features units of varying sizes including Hydro Mobile F, P and M units to allow for the greatest flexibility in meeting customer needs. 

Manning Apts ES 2.16

A 6,000 lb construction elevator and three electric F-200 mast climbers have been installed at Manning Apartments; the relatively quiet operation of electric units is advantageous for many locations particularly an occupied building.



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