Northeastern’s New ISEC

| Katherine Marr

Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex
In October 2015, Marr Scaffolding Company began work for General Contractor Suffolk Construction at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (ISEC), a state-of-the-art 220,000-square-foot complex on Columbus Avenue, which is scheduled to open in 2016.
Marr installed Systems Scaffolding in three interior spaces: the Atrium, Auditorium and Information Meeting Space Room. The scaffolding (reaching 90 feet) has been installed in the Atrium, which is logistically more challenging than the rest of the building. 
According to Suffolk’s Assistant Project Manager Adam Benjamin, “Some of the areas where Marr is installing scaffolding are going to have finished materials in them, so working safely, carefully and quickly is immensely important here … and Marr has been doing a great job staying flexible.”
The seasoned scaffold crew has accommodated the phasing of the building’s construction — mobilizing, demobilizing and working with and around other trades, as well as navigating around structures including a spiral staircase and the building of a masonry wall. The crew has accomplished a quick installation employing the best safety practices. Suffolk Superintendent Kevin Sullivan noted that despite the difficult nature of the project, it has been a seamless operation with no issues thus far.
In addition to the interior scaffold, Marr installed a temporary enclosure comprised of scaffolding, beams and plywood over three large skylights in the Atrium. The crew also tarped a portion of the complex for winter protection with the assistance of cranes from Marr Crane & Rigging. Also on site are aerial lifts from Marr’s Aerial Lifts Division. The scaffolding is expected to remain in place for a minimum of eight months. 
systems scaffold photo

Marr installed Systems Scaffolding as high as 90 feet in the Atrium of the building, working carefully around finished elements, including the spiral staircase.


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