Scaffolding at Harvard University

| Katherine Marr

Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School

Marr Scaffolding is working for Folan Waterproofing at Andover Hall installing sectional scaffolding to provide access for needed masonry restoration.  Built in 1911, Andover Hall is Harvard’s only example of what is known as the “Collegiate Gothic” architectural style — a style that can challenge even the most experienced scaffold installers.  Marr designed and installed 427 linear feet of sectional scaffolding ranging in height from 30-80 ft with multiple custom configurations built on the slate roof to access the hard to reach lintels. Debris netting will wrap the building’s exterior to prevent unwanted access and to protect passers-by.

John F. Kennedy School of Government

Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government is modernizing its campus by creating new teaching spaces, common spaces and upgrading the courtyard.  General Contractor Lee Kennedy Company contracted with Marr to design a sectional scaffold configuration on top of the new Winter Garden, an elevated central courtyard, that will be protected from the elements by a glass ceiling, creating a year round indoor-outdoor area. The scaffolding will allow workers to perform masonry work and install steel paneling on the facade. 

Department of Human Evolutionary Biology

Another part of Harvard’s renovation program is the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, located on the fifth floor of the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  Working for Corderman & Company, Marr Scaffolding designed and installed sectional scaffolding stair towers 70 feet high to access the roof for the installation of piping and duct work associated with new mechanical systems. Systems Scaffolding was erected directly on the roof for safe and versatile access to all elevated areas.  


Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School

Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School


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