16 ft outrigger photo

16 Ft. Rolling Outrigger



24 ft outrigger (right top)

24 Ft. Rolling Outrigger




24ft with cable truss

24 Ft. Rolling Outrigger with Cable Truss


24 ft with spice tube

24 Ft. Rolling Outrigger with 8 Ft. Splice Tube


The Rolling Outrigger Beam System is based around the strong aluminum 5×5 H-beam, allowing versatility in beam lengths and outreaches. Many accessories are available to solve almost any rigging challenge.

The standard Rolling Outrigger packages will clear a 6 ft parapet wall and allow outreaches up to 8 ft. The Caster Dollies mount on top of 5 ft wide scaffold frames for unlimited height clearance. Many configurations are possible with outreaches up to 14 ft.



Rolling Outrigger 5×5 16 ft, 5×5 24 ft, 5×5 24 ft, 5×5 24 ft
Load Capacity 750 to 1500 lbs
Outreach 5 ft without truss, 7 ft with truss, 8ft with 8 ft splice tube
Dimensions 44-72 in x 60 in x 16-24 feet (HxWxL)
Weight 418, 489, 521 and 550 lbs