altrex suspended platform with end stirrups photo

Suspended Platform with End Stirrups

  • End Stirrups with hoists are mounted at each end of the platform
  • Maximum CE-rated platform length: 12.00 meter
  • Maximum distributed load: 1.260 kg
  • Also available with double side closed platform
altrex suspended platform with walk-through stirrups

Suspended Platform with Walk-through Stirrups

  • Walk-through stirrups are used when the length of the whole suspended platform exceeds the length between the cables/hoists
  • Overhang for easy suspension (for example in corners)
  • With walk-through stirrups, extreme length achievable (18.00 m)
  • Large working surface
  • Simple to fit lightweight walk-through stirrup
  • Maximum platform length CE approved 18.00 meter
skyclimber suspended platform with fixed corner sections

Suspended Platform with Fixed Corner Sections

Corner sections can be used to follow the contours of the structure precisely and allow access within 30 to 60 cm. of the working surface.

Fixed Corner Sections

  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Mounts to the U-frame with Quickpins
  • Supplied with Guardrails
  • Economical solution
  • Available in 4 separate angles: 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°
altrex double-deck suspended platform photo

Double-Deck Suspended Platform

By adding a Double Deck Kit, the standard Altrex Modular Platform system can be configured into a multi-level platform, which allows workers simultaneous access on different levels. A ladder type frame is connected at each end of the platform. By using the trapdoor in the upper deck, the workers can safely climb from one level to the other via the ladder with safety cage. The configuration of each platform level should be the same.

Advantages of the double deck kit:

  • Working on different levels simultaneously
  • Only two hoists required for lifting the complete platform
  • Minimal amount of roof rigging required
  • Standard vertical height between levels: 3m (optional adjustments available)
  • Stable construction of platform arrangement
  • Platform lengths from 3 m to 12 m (depending on lifting capacity of hoists and rigging used)
  • Ideal for applications such as cladding (siding) and glazing