The Tirak™ traction hoists of the X-range are the standard high performance lightweight models for all man riding applications. The X-series covers a wide range of usable workload of up to 4,400 lbs, air powered even 5,300 lbs.

The Tirak™ L-models have an even more compact and lightweight design, meeting highest requirements on usable workload and space restrictions. Small and light, but still powerful, they can be used for loads up to 1,000 lbs.

Both the X- and the L-models use a single disk driver system and spring loaded pressure rollers for the grip of the wire rope on the pulley.

tirak traction hoist photo

Tirak Electric Hoists: LE501P, XE701P, LA500 Air, XA700


  • Extremely reliable: Less maintenance, higher productivity and better efficiency
  • Compact design: Easy installation and incorporation in your specific application
  • Light weight: This maximizes the usable workload for better efficiency
  • Stability: Constant torque and speed, independent from lifting height
  • Flexibility: Power supply lifting in your required voltage, or also air powered possible