Mast Climbing Work Platforms

mast climbers at Avenir


Marr’s Hydro Mobile mast-climbing work platforms were utilized to construct Avenir, a redevelopment project within Boston’s historic Bulfinch Triangle. A total of 31 units were used to perform the exterior facade work on the building, a luxury 241-unit rental project built on top of, and partially supported by, the structure of Boston’s MBTA North Super Station.  Eighteen P-Series units were installed to provide access to corners, restrained areas and recesses and 13 M-Series units were used for the rest of the facade. 

mast climbers at Regency Hotel

Regency Hotel

The Regency Hotel in New Bedford, MA underwent a complete exterior facade removal and restoration and window replacement that involved Marr’s Hydro Mobile mast climbers for a period of nine months.  

mast climbing work platforms at Worcester State University

Worcester State University

Marr installed 20 Hydro Mobile mast climbing units, 17 M-2s and 3Ps, on a new six-story, 150,000-square-foot residence hall at Worcester State University.  The units were erected around the entire facade of the building and were used by numerous subcontractors for sheathing, waterproofing, window installation, masonry, metal panels and curtain wall installation.  

mast climber at one canal street

One Canal Street

At One Canal Street, located in Boston’s Bullfinch Triangle, a total of 18 Hydro Mobile mast climbers, 10 F-200 units and 5 P units are being used to install the exterior on a new 12-story building. Multiple trades are using the units to install relieving angles, drywall, waterproofing, windows, masonry and caulking.  The units will remain on site for approximately seven months.