Beverly Sullivan

Project Administrator, Daniel Marr & Son Company

Beverly “Bev” Sullivan is a Project Administrator for Daniel Marr & Son Company. She oversees the DM&S field payroll and union benefits, making sure they are completed correctly. Bev is also responsible for DM&S Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables, along with handling all financial paper work for DM&S projects from coding to cost reports. Bev has worked at Marr since 2002. Previously, she worked as a National Recruiter for Summit National in Braintree, MA.

Bev’s favorite part about working at Marr is the never-ending changing work load. She says, “There is always something different and challenging being thrown at me.” She also enjoys the independent and relaxed work environment.

A professional goals of Bev’s is to have every DM&S report completed on time. A personal goal of Bev’s: “To get through a day without talking to myself at my desk.”

Another interesting fact from Bev: “I actually look forward to coming to work to see my ‘DM&S work family.’”