Danny Young

Systems Manager

Danny Young is Systems and Network Manager for all four businesses at the Marr Companies. He is responsible for overseeing and keeping network hardware running in all four locations, as well as making sure all vendor software works together. Before coming to Marr, Danny was a Senior Programmer Analyst and wrote software in RPG, SDA, OCL, SEU, and COBOL languages.

Danny’s favorite experience working at Marr is the family and team culture. He says, “Everyone helps and cares for one another. They will lend their experience to solve tasks at hand. It is a great feeling to be part of a team.”

As computers and networks become more complicated and important to the Marr Companies, Danny’s goal is to have “zero down time.” According to him, “If the systems are down, then the information stops moving.”

Additional interesting facts from Danny: “Due to a handicap caused by an accident at age 19, I have accomplished what many could not with the use of only one hand. Also, my fresh water fishing skills are so finely tuned I can tell you if the fish are biting simply by smelling the lake air.”