Jim Spillane

Project Manager, Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Construction Elevators

Jim Spillane is the Project Manager for two primary lines of access equipment: Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Construction Elevators. He partners with Sales Manager Bill Lederman to meet an ever-increasing demand for access equipment and works to generate new opportunities for both Marr Scaffolding Company and Marr Crane & Rigging.

Before joining the company in 2023, Jim previously worked for Marr from 1999-2014; he pioneered Marr Scaffolding Company’s early days of the Mast Climbing operations and later served as Senior Elevator Sales Representative for Marr Crane & Rigging. Jim’s more than 25 years of experience working in the industry, combined with his professionalism, topnotch qualifications, and knowledge of Marr’s various products and services make him extremely beneficial to Marr operations and those they serve.