Kathy Fyfe

Director of Marketing

Kathy is the Marketing Director at The Marr Companies. She is responsible for ensuring that messages and images about the Marr companies are delivered consistently so that the “Marr Brand,” its products, services and performance, is correctly represented in the marketplace. Kathy has worked at Marr since 1997, mostly part time until October 2013. Previously, she was Vice President of Corporate Relations at Perini Corporation.

Kathy’s favorite part about her position at Marr is the array of activity company-wide that she’s involved with.  “There is something new about every day which is energizing and motivating,” she says. “The requirements of the position can be very dynamic and I enjoy the variability.”

Kathy’s professional and personal goal has always been to enjoy and appreciate the journey. She says, “It is important to me to love what I do, to be able to add value to whatever project I am working on and to have opportunities to be creative.  Continuing to learn new things, having a certain degree of independence and feeling productive contribute to my sense of personal achievement, even though my successes are probably not as great as I wish them to be and my failures not as awful as I fear them to be (at least I hope so).”

Additional interesting facts from Kathy: “For our honeymoon, my husband and I purchased Around-the-World Air Tickets and traveled in an easterly direction around the globe for three months … and we are still married and still traveling after 28 years!”