aluma beam for shoring

Aluma Beam

The Aluma Beam has a constant depth of only 165mm (6.5 in.). It contains a 2″ x 2″ plastic nailer strip which is formulated to provide nail gripping. The Aluma Beam has a T-Head Bolt slot in its base for fastening stringers, strong-backs or I-Beams with the easy-to-use self-locking A-Bolt. Call for available lengths up to 24’.


  • Slab Formwork – for use as a stringer (primary member) or as a joist (secondary member)
  • Wall Forms – for use as a stud (secondary member) on both vertical and horizontal applications
aluma stringer for shoring

Aluma Stringer

The Aluma Stringer is stronger and deeper than the Aluma Beam. It is 190 mm (7.5 in.) deep and permits larger spans between intermediate supports. It provides structural strength comparable to a 152mm x 304mm (6 in. x 12 in.) spruce member but has only one third the weight.


  • Use as a stringer (primary member) for slab formwork
  • May also be used as a beam or a joist (secondary member)