Center for Safety Training

In the fall of 2020, Marr opened its new Center for Safety Training located at 15 North Street in Canton, MA. The center is comprised of 2,000 square feet and provides an exceptional environment for classroom learning and hands-on experience. It features a seating capacity of 30, as well as a lunch area and small conference room. Training is available to all end-users of Marr products. Current class offerings include: Supported Scaffold User Hazard Awareness Training, MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Training, Fall Protection Authorized Person Training, Fall Protection Competent Person Training, Rough Terrain Forklift Training and Swing Stage Training.
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Corporate Safety Policy

The principle of safety and loss control is based on a determination by management to prevent injuries to persons, promote conservation of property, and control the effect of both the earning potential of the individual and the company.  It also involves instilling in the individual a personal concern for the protection of life and property. Marr management considers no phase of operations or administration of greater importance than accident prevention and asserts that accidents which result in personal injury and damage to property and equipment represent needless waste and loss; therefore, it shall be the policy of the company to conduct all operations safely thereby preventing injuries to persons and damage to property.


Key Safety Program Features 

Marr’s ultimate goal is to achieve an accident‐free, loss‐free environment.  For this reason, the company has implemented a multi‐faceted Safety Program that includes:

  • Safety Coordinators in each of the Marr disciplines
  • Established Safety Centers for each business entity
  • Outreach Training and Specialty Product Trainings
  • Target Zero Safety Campaign
  • Scheduled, documented Job Site Inspections
  • Accident Investigations, Safety Reports, Violation Notices
  • Full compliance with local, state and federal regulations and project-specific requirements


Company Safety Plans

Marr Safety Plans are comprehensive documents issued as policy to make employees aware that the Marr Companies are resolute in their objective to encourage an efficient and productive effort that incorporates all elements of loss prevention.  As a rule, all operating executives and managers are charged with the responsibility for the general and specific implementation of corporate policies and objectives as they relate to safety and loss prevention. Active attendance and participation at safety meetings, safety training sessions, and enforcement of all internal and external rules, regulations, standards or other directives regarding safety are required.

Direct line supervisory personnel are immediately responsible for job site safety, and implement the Marr Loss Prevention Program at the project level.  Marr’s Safety Team Leaders monitor and assist supervisory personnel in fulfilling their safety responsibilities and act to ensure that safety policies and programs are being followed.

The Marr Safety Program is an original, active document that is continually amended and updated to reflect the most current accepted safety practices. The Marr Safety Program is driven by top‐level management and has priority status. The Program is a strong, pro‐active plan that reflects the company’s commitment to the health and welfare of employees, colleagues and the public at large. Significant features of the Marr Safety Program include:

  • Tool Box Meetings
  • Supervisors and General Foreman Safety Workshops
  • Corporate Safety Committee Meetings
  • Special Safety Training Meetings
  • Measurement of Safety and Loss Control Program
  • Safety Program Manual
  • Ongoing Modifications to Accommodate Evolving Safety Plans


Community Outreach and Education

Marr provides training and instruction (in Marr products and services) to pre-apprentices in the following Workforce Development Programs in MA:

  • Building Pathways, Boston (Roxbury), MA
  • YouthBuild Boston, Boston (Roxbury), MA

Marr also provides training and instruction to students at the following Vocational Technical High Schools in MA:

  • Madison Park Vocational High School, Boston, MA
  • Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, Upton, MA
  • Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, Rochester, MA