Engineering Services

Marr Engineering is a full service engineering department that will satisfy all of your project’s engineering requirements from conception and cost analysis to final design over a wide range of construction products such as shoring, scaffolding, mast climbers and swing staging. We provide Shoring, Scaffolding and Re-shoring layout CAD drawings with Engineer’s Approval and all necessary design calculations. If your project has special requirements, we can deliver custom solutions that take advantage of our experience, knowledge, product lines and custom manufacturing capabilities.

One of our mandates is to work with our customers to develop new techniques to help to tackle even the most difficult of jobs, allowing the contractor to work faster, safer and save money. The objective is to enable our customers to take full advantage of new developments to improve both construction efficiency and quality on the job site. Here at Marr Engineering, we’re committed to providing the best services to help you achieve your goals.