The M-Series is well-suited for any facade work that requires high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration. With a load capacity of 20,000 lbs, and a climbing rate of 3′ per minute, it is perfect for masonry (brick or block), stone or marble facade work from 20′ to 250′ in height.

m series hydro mobile unit

M Series 24′ Unit

The M Series is well-suited for facade work requiring high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration.  Numerous accessories are available including Weather Protection.

M-Series 24′ Unit

  • Load capacity of 20,000 lb
  • Climbing rate of 3′ per minute
  • Suited for curtainwall and panel contractors 
  • Best for masonry construction and restoration from 20′ to 250′ in height
m series hydro mobile unit hoist

M-Series Hoist

M-Series Hoist

  • Features a 250′ (76.2 m) anti-twist cable  
  • Can handle full pallets of block or brick  
  • Hydraulic power pack delivers 65′ 919.8 m) per minute lift speed
  • Folding arches make for easy transport and storage
weather protection hydro mobile unit

M-Series Weather Protection

  • Designed to accommodate both top and bottom platform requirements
  • Keeps workers comfortable in all weather conditions
  • Protects against falling debris
m series multi purpose insert

M-Series Multipurpose Insert (MPI)

  • Designed to work with both 14′ and 24′ units
  • Can be used to create a forward or back extension up to 21′
  • Can be used as a bridge insert or narrow bridge on its own
  • Maximizes flexibility with corner set-ups and 2’9″ bridge length increments