Monarflex Super T-Plus Flamesafe Scaffold Sheeting

Monarflex Super T-Plus Flamesafe Scaffold Sheeting offers protection for projects in high-risk areas. This product incorporates a unique flame retardant formulation in the blown film that minimizes the risk of fire propagation. It also provides enclosure for storage areas and the worksite perimeter and debris containment for greater safety.


  • Prevents flame propagation; is self-extinguishing
  • Provides jobsite material containment
  • Surrounds storage areas
  • Encloses site and work areas at perimeter
  • Protects public from jobsite debris
eagle debris netting and scaffold sheeting


Debris Netting and Light Scaffolding Sheeting

  • Readily available for order to meet your needs on the job
  • Other products can be supplied upon request


debri netting photo

Strong Man

SBN-324 Debris Netting in FR Black

Product Details

  • Size: 8’6″ X 150’ & 10’ X 150
  • Fire-Retardant: Meets NFPA 701 Method II
  • Knitted High Density Polyethylene
  • Reinforced Buttonholes
  • UV-Treated & Long Lasting
  • Flexible In Cold Temperatures
  • Installed Vertically Or Horizontally
  • Easy To Install
  • Durable, 50% Mesh