600,000 Btu

600,000 Btu

dryair diesel heater photo



Single stage, Diesel fuel / #1 or 2 heating oil, 82% efficient
Dry - 1,500 LB., 680 KG / Wet - 2,700 LB., 1,225 KG
Wet - 2,700 LB., 1,225 KG
Loading - Standard
Forklift pockets on all sides

Fuel Specs

Input Capacity
620,200 BTUH, 182 KW
Output Capacity
508,564 BTUH, 149 KW
Fuel Consumption
4.43 US GPH, 16.8 LPH, 14.3 KG/H

Fuel Tank

Welded Steel
Fuel Capacity
130 gallon main tank / 80 gallon piggy tank
Operating Range
42 hours

Climate Control System

Basic Features
Maintains optimum burner reliability and effiiciency at a full range of ambient temperature condition; assures system start-up and operation in all conditions

Before System Start-Up

Fuel Heater
Automatically maintains set fuel temperature; fluid (hot glycol)-to-fluid (fuel) heat transfer
Combustion Air Heater
Automatically maintains set combustion air temperature; fluid (hot glycol)-to-air heat transfer utilizing a heat transfer coil

Control & Monitoring

Pump & temperature controls; full gauge panel showing circulation fluid temperatures & pressures, fuel pressures; 8-light system operation feature for easy system troubleshooting

Internal Fluid Circulation System

Basic Features
Atmospherically vented, low pressure; single supply & return; adjustable fluid temperature control; auto pressure by-pass for pump protection and variable flow demands; auto temperature bypass for heat exchanger protection
Circulation Pump
RPM - 2900 RPM; 1-1/2 HP., 1.1KW; Flow - 50 US GPM @ 30 P.S.I; 11.34 M³/HR @ 21 M W.C.
Primary Circulation
Fluid circulation lines - 1-1/2”, 40 MM; Ball valves - 1-1/2”, 40 MM; Kamlock quick couplers - 1-1/2", 40 MM
Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF)
Non-toxic propylene glycol / water mixture; freeze protected