Sliding Porch Kit





Sliding Porch Kit

The Sliding Porch Kit provides full access to buildings with up to 6 ft (1.8 m) deep recessed areas at every floor level. It eliminates the need to push the platform off the building as you would have to do with fixed mounted porches.

The Kit mounts to Altrex or UP-STAGE mod platforms only and provides a maximum platform extension of 54 in. (1.5 m) over a width of 20 ft (6 m). Counterweights slide back and forth automatically to provide a level and stable work platform at full extension and maintain a proper balance when retracting the Porch. The ends of the Porch are guardrail protected using chains which tension automatically when fully extended, or can be adjusted in between. The front guardrail moves in and out with the Sliding Porch and protects the workers at all times.

Operation is simple: while suspended, two workers operate a pulley system to extend the Sliding Porch into the recessed area.  When ascending and descending, the Porch can be fully retracted and will only stick out 4” (10 cm) from the base platform for easy movement from recess to recess.  A single wide Sliding Porch Kit is also available for those who require access to more shallow recessed areas and prefer the sliding system over fixed Porches.