tirak® L-Series Direct Air Control Hoist – 1,000 lbs.


tirak® L-Series Direct Air Control Hoist – 1,000 lbs. Capacity

The tirak® L-series hoists have a compact and lightweight design, meeting the highest requirements on usable workload and space restrictions. Small and light, but still powerful, they can be used for loads up to 1,000 lbs.

The L-series hoists use a single-disk driver system and spring-loaded pressure rollers for gripping the wire rope. As no wire is stored in the hoist, they have an unlimited length lift capacity.


  • Power consumption reduced by 20%, hoist is less sensitive to low power supply
  • Among the lightest hoists on the market, ergonomically designed for users
  • The tirak® technology is known for having fewer parts resulting in lower maintenance cost
  • Speed of 33 fpm (10 m/min) maintaining high productivity
  • Low voltage indicator light on single phase models reducing service calls
  • Longer wire rope usage, more than 3,000 cycles with Tractel® recommended wire rope
  • Flanged motor for easier service


  • Advanced technology
    • High strength aluminum for casings
    • High strength steel for gears
    • Special hardening for gear surfaces
    • Synthetic oil to reduce friction and provide wider temperature range of use
    • Radial bearings
    • One-roller pressure system
  • Meet CSA and UL requirements

5/16 in. (8.4 mm) 85 PSI and 60 CFM with BSO 500
Rated load: 1000 lbs
Lifting speed: 0-20 fpm (0 – 6 m/min)
Weight: 65 lbs (29.5 kg)