sign installation crane lift

Adam Lawson, Design Communications Ltd.

Adam Lawson, Project Manager at Design Communications Ltd., recently worked with Marr Scaffolding and Marr Crane & Rigging at The Innovation and Design Building on Drydock Avenue in Boston, MA. Following installation of the building’s signage, Mr. Lawson expressed his gratitude to Jeff Marr, Jr. for a job well done: “Marr’s agents showed up multiple times to offer us professional guidance and plans that would meet our client’s shifting needs. Their communications couldn’t have been clearer – I knew in advance when they would arrive and at what time their cranes would be ready to lift. As our plans evolved during the installation, they were incredibly accommodating, even going so far as to be out on the ground with us maneuvering items for the best picks. They saw the job through and did so with a great attitude. Thanks!”