Bethany Botelho, Vocational Coordinator, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School

Eleventh-grade students in Old Colony’s Electrical, House & Mill Carpentry, and Metal Fabrication & Joining Technology programs participated in a three-part safety training coordinated and sponsored by Dellbrook JKS in collaboration with The Marr Companies, Sales Solutions/Fall Tech Inc. and Atlantic Asphalt/Sales Solutions Inc.

A scaffolding presentation was conducted by Marr Companies on day two of the training. This instruction introduced students to three different types of scaffolding, their uses and construction. It also provided students with knowledge of scaffold safety and erection, dismantle and alteration procedures. Following the presentation, students participated in assembling and disassembling pipe staging and decking. Both trainings stressed the importance of working in a safe manner, safety measures that need to be taken when using these types of equipment, and related OSHA requirements.

After the training, Bethany Botelho, Vocational Coordinator for Old Colony R.V.T.H.S, wrote the following in an email addressed to Eric Stalmon (VP, Marr Safety & Training), David Arancio (Delbrook JKS) and Cesar Ahumada (Atlantic Asphalt/Sales Solutions Inc.):

“I just want to extend a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to meet with our students and discuss pertinent matters of safety from your respective industries… We appreciate your time, support, and enthusiasm. Our students are fortunate to have been a part of this programming.”