shoring emerson college photo

Frank Rondeau, Sr. Superintendent, Suffolk Construction

Marr’s Shoring Division has recently worked with Suffolk Construction at 2 Boylston Place and The Little Building at Emerson College. Marr’s work included the design and installation of: mega shore through two stories of below grade parking to support a tower crane base; multi-story shoring of plate girders to facilitate column and footing removal for the installation of mini piles / mat foundations; and multi-story shoring to replace existing columns and install new vertical shafts through the existing structure.

Frank Rondeau, Sr. Superintendent for Suffolk, expressed his appreciation of Marr’s work:

“Project Manager Chris Madden and his team always find creative ways to minimize cost and shoring schemes that allow for the installation of the new structure. The team provided a professional design package (quick to be approved by design engineer), and a qualified, safe, hard-charging work force that always executes the work safely and on schedule. Marr shoring is the complete package from design concepts through engineering and execution; they are the best in the industry!”