Jason Edic, VP of Risk Management, Lee Kennedy Company

At a project located at 100 Hood Park in Charleston, MA, Marr’s VP of Safety Training Eric Stalmon, along with Chris Graham and Jay Hobin of Marr’s Scaffold Division, presented scaffold hazard awareness training to Lee Kennedy Company superintendents. Following the on-site training, Jason Edic, VP of Risk Management at Lee Kennedy Company, wrote to express his appreciation to Eric, Chris and Jay.

“Thank you all so much for the training last week.  The two sets of scaffolding you guys set up were excellent.  The imperfections in each made for great discussion points.  I talked to a bunch of people at the meeting, and I had several phone calls afterwards from folks that agreed with the sentiment above.  It’s nice to stand in a circle and talk safety in plain English.  Outstanding job guys.

It’s truly nice to have such a great partner in Marr.  You guys are the best and you have our sincere thanks.”