Jim Miller, COO, Salem Glass Company

Marr Scaffolding Company’s Mast-Climber Division hosted a lunch and learn for longtime customer Salem Glass and Hamilton Construction Management Corp. With manufacturer support from Hydro Mobile Marr constructed a monorail system to aid in the installation of heavy panel systems on the exterior of buildings. The monorail system allows panels horizontal access across the mast climber, with a max. capacity of 1,000 lbs, which has potential use by our customers on an upcoming project in Brighton, MA. We were pleased to welcome the project team to our facility in Canton to see the equipment in action.

After attending the training, Jim Miller, COO of Salem Glass Company, shared the following: “We appreciate working with Marr & Hamilton spending the time up front to investigate and determine the right equipment to make projects run safe and efficiently. Marr went the extra mile to assemble this job specific application demonstration so that we could really experience what they are proposing for our 1079 Commonwealth Avenue project. It is the work behind the scenes that makes the actual installation proceed smoothly and SAFELY! Thank you Marr & Hamilton!”