shoring south boston

Mark deShong, Architect

Isaac Blair recently provided shoring on the façade of a private property undergoing renovation in South Boston. The shoring allowed for the replacement of a basement wall to allow for the construction of a new street entrance into the property. In a letter to Dan Marr in early June, property owner and retired architect Mark deShong commended the Isaac Blair team and their thorough work:

“After an initial discussion with project management, within 45 minutes, a very proactive leadership group visited my townhouse and efficiently evaluated temporary structure, shoring, and all my overall project requirements. The very next morning the crew arrived and within 5-6 hours had completely shored, stabilized my facade, professionally secured our work site, and had us set us up for future construction. To say they were organized, knowledgeable, and well prepared would be an understatement.

In addition to their incredible professional abilities, they went well beyond our contract requirements and my personal expectations – advising on safety issues, nuances of construction protocol, and made provision for some temporary equipment which provided much needed time savings, and more.

Beyond these really impressive professional actions demonstrated by your shoring group, all were thoughtful, respectful, friendly, courteous, and extremely fun to be around. In short, I can’t say enough positive words to express my happiness and extreme satisfaction with your company’s work… I had more confidence in relying on your team’s ability to find homeostasis in my building support than I could with 45 years of structural exposure as an architect. Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with your very impressive team; they all were top tier, without exception.”