Shaun Carvalho, Chief Safety Officer, Shawmut Design and Construction

Starting in June 2023, Marr’s Scaffold Division contracted with General Contractor Shawmut Design & Construction to stage the entire perimeter of 26 Court Street, an 11-story municipal office building located in downtown Boston, for façade restoration. Systems scaffold was installed 137 ft. high on the historic building and then wrapped in scaffold sheeting to provide access for mason and window contractors.

Shaun Carvalho, Chief Safety Officer at Shawmut Design and Construction, wrote to Marr CEO Dan Marr about his satisfaction with the work performed on the project: 

“I was walking the 26 Court St project this week and instantly was impressed with the scaffolding and specifically, the wrap! I have never seen this Monarflex installed cleaner and tighter! I was also able to witness the erection at a few points, and was very impressed with the safety, speed, and quality of the installers. You guys have a very professional company and I am very happy when we get to work together.”