Marr Celebrates 10 Years with Hydro Mobile


Hydro mobile units on site

Hydro Mobile F-Units on site at One Canal, Boston, where Marr is working for GC John Moriarty & Associates. In total, 12 F-200s and 10 P-units are on site.


Gabriel Daigle, Hydro Mobile’s Director of Business Development in North America, visited Marr Scaffolding Company’s D Street office earlier this summer to commemorate the long-standing Marr-Hydro Mobile business partnership.

For 10 years, Marr has designed, engineered and installed Hydro Mobile Mast Climbers throughout New England. Powered by hydraulic technology, mast climbers are a solid, flexible work platform suited for a wide range of jobs and for a variety of trades. Marr’s fleet features units of varying sizes including the Hydro Mobile F, P and M units to allow for the greatest flexibility in meeting customer needs.


From left to right: Gabriel Daigle, Bill Lederman, Dan Marr III and Dave Hughes celebrate Marr’s 10th Anniversary with Hydro Mobile alongside job picture gifts.