Marr Installs Scaffolding at Rowes Wharf (High Profile)

The below press release is featured in the April issue of High Profile.

scaffold rowes wharf boston photo

Marr Installs Scaffolding at Rowes Wharf

Marr Scaffolding Company worked through two nor’easters over two weeks to install sectional scaffolding at Rowes Wharf for Shawmut Design & Construction.

A crew of six installed 115 linear feet of sectional scaffolding approximately 100 feet high, complete with stair access and proper guardrail protection, to create access for the replacement of the parapet under the building’s iconic archway.

Certain challenges due to the Atlantic Avenue location and nearby construction activity required Marr’s engineering and design team to come up with creative solutions to carry out the project successfully. A clear passageway for a fire truck to pass through the scaffold in case of emergency was built into the design. Marr incorporated a 20-ft. x 20-ft. opening utilizing steel beams and shoring towers into the design of the scaffold.

A second factor affecting design was the need to move equipment freely through the staging for masonry work that was being performed at the ground level. To accommodate this, Marr incorporated an additional opening of 12-ft. x 20-ft. utilizing steel beams and shoring towers. Heavy pedestrian traffic in the area also made it necessary to provide safe access through the archway. Accordingly, Marr erected three separate 14-ft. x 7-ft. x 8-ft. rolling overhead protections to be utilized during the scaffold’s erection and dismantle.

Lastly, concrete barriers and steel cables were utilized as tie-in points until the scaffold reached above the archway and could be tied in as customary.

The Marr crew completed the installation on time. The scaffold will be utilized for approximately two more months and is expected to be dismantled in late May.