Marr’s Long Reach at One Dalton (High Profile)

The below press release is featured in the July issue of High Profile.

one dalton equipment photo

A common platform was erected at One Dalton, as well as swing staging to access the sheer concrete walls for glass installation. / photo by Tom McCafferty, Marr Scaffolding

scaffolding at one dalton

Scaffolding was erected around One Dalton’s three nodes for the installation of a stone façade. / photo by Dan Boudreau, Marr Scaffolding

One Dalton Street is the address of the new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in Boston’s Back Bay. One of the newest additions to the city’s skyline, One Dalton has reached a height of 60 stories since construction began in 2015. At completion, it will be 61 stories tall and stand 742 feet.

Three Marr entities — Daniel Marr & Son, Marr Scaffolding Company, and Marr Crane & Rigging — have been working for various contractors and subcontractors, including Suffolk Construction and Liberty Construction for over a year now.

One Dalton is utilizing four external construction hoists to move the large number of workers and materials up and down from all floors. Strategically, to save space on the building’s façade and to allow more work to be completed on each floor as the building rises, Daniel Marr & Son is erecting a common platform which extends out from the building and contains the construction hoists.

The first time utilized in Boston, the common platform is comprised of four mast climber tower sections, connected by aluminum framing and decked with plank and plywood and ties directly into the building. Each platform level is built on the ground and hoisted in place on top of the most recently completed floor.

Marr Scaffolding Company erected swing staging to provide safe access to the elevator shafts for concrete finishing in the shafts and steel installation. Marr installed a 1.5 meter Altrex platform to rotate inside the shaft area to patch concrete voids created by the form work as well as allow ironworkers to install divider beams between the shafts. There are 11 shafts in the core area of the structure.

Marr’s work at One Dalton will continue into 2019.

Metro Glass & Metal is utilizing Marr swing staging on the building’s exterior to access the shear concrete walls on the 24th and 25th floors for glass installation. Marr Scaffolding provided two, 35-ft. lengths of modular swing staging with self-enclosed hoisting systems to prevent any damage. This project necessitated that wire winders be attached to the swing stage platform to collect the steel hang wire; the swing stage moves up and down on the hang wire, which would traditionally hang to the ground. Marr provided engineering and training to ensure a safe and efficient installation.

Additionally, Marr Scaffolding installed staging around the building’s three nodes for the installation of a stone façade by Kenneth Castellucci & Associates, Inc. Systems scaffold was installed 80 feet high with one level of overhead protection, a maintenance level of plank for trolley maintenance, and two working decks. Extensive engineering determined the staging design, and additional bracing supported the heavy load of materials used.