Put Marr Elevators to the Test

Marr installed twin Alimak elevators for John Moriarty & Associates at NorthPoint’s Building “G” in Cambridge.

Marr installed twin Champion elevators for Shawmut Design & Construction at Truman Apartments in Cambridge.

Marr Crane & Rigging’s (MC&R) fleet of construction elevators is in historically high demand in the Greater Boston area as general contractors and subcontractors seek the most efficient and effective ways to navigate and access jobsites.

Construction elevators, also known as construction hoists or personnel and material hoists, allow for the easy transfer of personnel and materials to all floors during the construction of a building. MC&R’s fleet consists of two types of elevators that offer variable benefits to customers: Alimak and Champion.

MC&R’s elevator fleet largely consists of state-of-the-art Alimak elevators which are known for their productivity with industry-leading high speeds and low energy consumption. These features make them particularly well-suited for work on taller buildings where attention to time and labor costs is critical. Alimaks are available in single or double configurations, have a maximum capacity of 7,000 lbs. per car, are 16 ft. 4 in. long and move at a high speed of 300 ft./min. Currently, these elevators are in use on many new construction projects including Ink Block in the South End for Cranshaw Construction and at the NorthPoint Development in Cambridge for John Moriarty & Associates. Importantly, Alimaks can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate tight urban site conditions.

Champion elevators use a traditional counterweighted system and are the preferred choice of some Boston-area contractors. Available in single or double car configurations, Champion elevators offer per car capacities of up to 7,000 lbs. and extension capabilities of up to 17 ft. long. MC&R’s “Champs” are currently in use at Truman Apartments in Cambridge for Shawmut Design & Construction, the Kenmore Building in Kenmore Square for Related Beal and at multiple sites on the NorthPoint campus in Cambridge for Consigli Construction and John Moriarty & Associates. At NorthPoint’s Building “H”, Consigli Construction requested a Champion elevator with extensions to accommodate the transfer of a 15 ft. long panel, an especially large, fabricated material that belongs to a unitized curtainwall system.

An integral part of The Marr Companies, Marr Crane & Rigging has elevated the services provided in the construction elevator business through its turnkey approach which involves a few key features: in-house engineering services for elevator layout and design solutions; fast and convenient inspections due to Marr’s long-standing relationships with state and local municipalities; elevator installation and dismantling performed 100% by Marr labor, including all trucking and the operation of support equipment; equipment maintenance performed for the life of the project by MC&R’s experienced service team; and oversight by Marr’s Safety Department. This familiarity dramatically increases efficiency and furthers good safety practices. MC&R’s method of delivery is a cost-effective, strategic way for navigating both straightforward and complex elevator installations for local general contracting customers.