Spillane and Comlin Join The Marr Companies

Jim Spillane

Mark Comlin

Boston, MA, May 22, 2023 – James C. Spillane has rejoined The Marr Companies as Project Manager for two primary lines of access equipment: Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Construction Elevators. Customer demand for mast climbing work platforms and construction elevators has increased exponentially in recent years as contractors look for more efficient means to complete exterior finishing and transport personnel and materials in an effective and safe manner; both product lines can run simultaneously on a project and offer workers state-of-the-art features to boost their productivity.

In his current role, Jim will partner with Sales Manager Bill Lederman to meet this ever-increasing demand for access equipment and work to generate new opportunities. Jim received an associate’s degree from Quincy College and later joined Marr in 1999 where he pioneered Marr Scaffolding Company’s early days of the Mast Climbing operations and later served as Senior Elevator Sales Representative for Marr Crane & Rigging. Jim’s more than 25 years of experience working in the industry, combined with his professionalism, topnotch qualifications, and knowledge of Marr’s various products and services make him extremely beneficial to Marr operations and those they serve.

Mark Comlin has joined Marr Scaffolding Company as a Senior Accountant. Mark’s professional experience includes working as a Staff Accountant at State Street and Safety Insurance Company (Boston, MA) and, most recently, as an Accounting Supervisor at Boston Sand and Gravel (Boston, MA). Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Suffolk University and a master’s degree in business from Curry College. He is also a Certified Internal Auditor. His educational background coupled with his years of experience in the industry make Mark a compelling asset to Marr’s Accounting Department.