The Marr Companies Begin Work at One Alewife Center

Working for construction manager AECOM Tishman and in conjunction with site development contractor J. Derenzo Company, The Marr Companies have begun work at One Alewife Center in Cambridge, a MassDEP site formerly occupied by W.R. Grace chemical company that was found to be contaminated with asbestos and hydrocarbons. Three entities of Marr will be heavily involved in the soil excavation process – Daniel Marr & Son, Marr Scaffolding Company and Marr Crane & Rigging.

Named One Alewife Center by current owner IQHQ, the project is located near Alewife Station along Alewife Brook Parkway. Two existing buildings plus three newly constructed buildings and a new parking garage comprise the majority of new development which is slated for research.

Daniel Marr & Son will erect four large tents on the site to provide cover during the excavation and treatment of the soil. Each tent will measure 100 feet by 200 feet and will be 46 feet high at the peak. The tents are constructed of aluminum framing and have a fabric shell; each tent is designed to be taken apart and reassembled in three sections. Utilizing crawler cranes, the 30,000 lb. tent sections will be relocated around the site as each section of excavation is completed—this process could be repeated some 50 times given the massive size of the site. Excavation is expected to take approximately one year, starting this fall.

Daniel Marr & Son will act as project manager and will oversee the site and the various labor forces including ironworkers, laborers, operating engineers and carpenters. The initial tent erection will utilize cranes provided by Marr Crane & Rigging. Marr Scaffolding boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers will be greatly utilized throughout the project.

Marr was uniquely suited to meet the demands of this project given the company’s various union affiliations and its ability to provide the variety of equipment needed.

Example of tent structure.